Issue 92

Featured Story

Food Trucks & Beer: Event Strategies For Creating A Cohesive Corporate Culture

How to ensure your sales meeting, brand activation, or user conference becomes a cultural rallying point for your audience.


Must Reads

Making Old-Fashioned Connections the Newfangled Way

Technology is changing corporate events, and the pace of change is accelerating, and for better or worse, tracking abilities are a significant part of that change.


Why Experiential Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever Before [Podcast]

Brent Turner, SVP of Solutions at Cramer, a brand experience agency, joins the show to talk about the role that events — interactive, emotional, active events — can play in a digital marketing approach.


Events Remain High Priority for Companies Even as Costs Rise

A big opportunity exists for organizations to get smarter about how they spend on events and making the most of the data they produce.


The Event Marketing Evolution

New technology shows companies exactly how their events are translating into real revenue and profit growth—all while making event management easier and delivering a better customer experience.


Fringe Ideas

A Plan to Advance AI by Exploring the Minds of Children

Cognitive science and neuroscience could inspire the next big innovations in artificial intelligence, says the head of an ambitious new MIT-led research project.


This Is Your Brain on Events

We think that we make decisions based on logic, but unconscious influences affect our behavior and judgment. Understanding that represents a ‘whole new world of opportunity’ for event design.


The Future of Music Festivals Is … the Internet?

The cancellation of several high-profile events and a serious market correction has the industry reconsidering its future. And one long-running festival thinks it has the answer: make festivals into content.


Five Ways to Elevate Events With Augmented Reality

Consumers may still be holding artificial intelligence at arm’s length, but when it comes to augmented reality, they’re finally welcoming the technology with open arms.


Just Because

Amazing Photos from Burning Man 2018


In case you missed it...

The 5 Key Considerations for Successful Webcasts

The Ingredients You Need To Pull Off Broadcast Quality Webcasts for Modern Events


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