Issue 91

Featured Story

How To Turn A Venue Into A Brand Expression

The three types of brand messaging within your event space, how to blend in while making messages pop, and defining how much is too much when designing for visual impact.


Must Reads

'Instagram Playgrounds' For The Hashtag Obsessed Are Taking Over U.S. Cities

Packed with interactive features and social media appeal, pop-up exhibits have taken major cities by storm, allowing visitors to step into another world.


What Brands Get Out Of Experience Stores

These experiences are meant to show off brand values in a non-threatening atmosphere that is as close as possible to actually being "cool."


10 Examples Of Customer Experience Innovation In Healthcare

Here are 10 examples of customer experience innovation that transform the hospital to be more like a luxury hotel.


Impressive Isn't Always Impactful in Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing isn’t just about impressing people. It’s about impressing people in a way that galvanizes them to impress others.


Fringe Ideas

Artificial Intelligence Runs The Screens At GM World

“Nobody has put AI behind the scenes (screens?) in an installation like this,” says Bob Bonniol of MODE Architectural.


A VR-Powered Circus is Opening Its First (Virtual) Big Top in Los Angeles

Combining nascent sensing, projection and visualization technologies in experiences and events that would delight and amaze.


5 Trends Emerge in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2018

Widespread artificial intelligence, biohacking, new platforms and immersive experiences dominate this year’s Gartner Hype Cycle.


The Science of Storytelling

The importance of storytelling has become universally accepted in today's marketing world, but why does it work so well?


Just Because

Would You Climb 7,000 Feet to a Pop-Up Shop?

Reachable only on foot, the North Face’s mountainside tent was created to showcase collectible gear.


In case you missed it...

Trend of the Month: Hearables

How listening technology and the ‘ear space’ is transforming events.


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