Issue 90

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The 5 Key Components of Successful Webcasts

Whether for your live event, virtual event, brand town hall, or live social video campaign, if you plan your webcast using these five ingredients, it should be a smash hit!


Must Reads

How Attendees Learn About Events

Based on a survey of 2,621 national and international event attendees who frequent conferences, seminars, trade shows, and other events, the results at a glance.


How to Convince Your Boss that You Need Video

When the time comes to raise that video-flag high in your next budget meeting, be ready to point to some cold hard video marketing facts.


Gather Geeks Podcast: Bryan Rafanelli on Creating “Wow” Moments at Events

The busy event designer discusses the importance of first impressions, his time at the Obama White House, and more.


How to Design an Enduring Logo: Lessons from IBM and Paul Rand

Many tech companies these days obsess over constantly redesigning and tweaking their logos. In that context, IBM’s 43-year-old logo is veritably the branding equivalent of ancient sacred scripture.


Fringe Ideas

How Two Years Of Instagram Stories Has Altered The Way We Love, Act And Play

Millions of us have embraced the 'film it all' era of social media. But what at first felt like care free fun has for many become an endless, anxious routine of 'brand maintenance' that makes us act in ways we don't like or recognize.


Emotion Measuring: A Game-Changer for Live Events?

Could sentiment analysis, or emotion measurement, be the solution to change the event industry radically? Hop onto the SxSW Panel Picker and cast your vote to see this discussion at the festival this March.


How to Create Empathy in VR

There's a growing body of scientific evidence to show creating empathy in virtual reality is more successful if the headset wearer moves around.


Chasing the Hologram

How Shawn Frayne and Looking Glass Factory are working to prevent a dystopian headset-only future.


Just Because

Learning To Be Funny


In case you missed it...

Cramer Recognized As One Of The Top 100 Event Agencies of the Year

"One of the best b-to-b shops not enough brands are working with. The Martin family’s still-independent Boston event agency has deep roots in content, long benches of producers and one of the industry’s hottest tech toolkits—virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality, wearables, haptics, generative AI…you name it!"


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