Issue 9

Featured Story

The Four Types of Event Audiences

The audience is the most central part of any event, and thinking critically about what role they're playing in molding their own experience gives creators a head start towards turning audiences, into advocates.


Must Reads

How Snapchat's CEO Plans to Conquer the Advertising World

Spiegel will be coming at the ad industry with a whole new perspective—literally. The CEO will be talking at Cannes about one of the key changes Snapchat has inspired in digital video: to think vertically.


Only 4 Percent of Marketers Can Respond to Breaking News and Trends in Real-Time

"According to the report, the most important part of real-time marketing is immediacy. However, the report found making timely responses difficult."


The Internet of Things Is Going to Reshape the B2B Marketing Landscape

Four B2B improvements businesses can realize when using connected devices and the data that they produce.


Fringe Ideas

As Media Consumption Becomes Liquid Across Platforms, Brands Better Learn How to Surf

The consumer is no longer grounded in one spot, one medium or one homepage—but has become a "liquid consumer" that demands "liquid creativity" from marketers, publishers, agencies or anyone who wants to find them.


Enlightened Brands: Why Brands Must Evolve to a Higher State of Consciousness

People are looking to brands to evolve to a higher state of consciousness by taking real, meaningful, even painful, action to make their lives – and the world we share – better.


2015 Is Getting an Extra Second and That's a Bit of a Problem for the Internet

On June 30th at precisely 23:59:59, the world’s atomic clocks will pause for a single second. Or, to be more precise, they’ll change to the uncharted time of 23:59:60.


Just Because

415ft World Record Basketball Shot - Nothing But Net


In case you missed it...

Why Our Solutions Team Created "The Dev Guide"

The same way that style guides are important to designing within brand guidelines, and for the reason editorial mission statements direct the voice of a publication, we created The Dev Guide.


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