Issue 88

Featured Story

The Hunt for Human Moments Inside of Technology-Driven Experiences

A human moment refers to a physiological connection that occurs between people sharing the same space. Today, we're more connected than ever, but are we really connecting? How can we as marketers refine the quality of tech-enabled interactions through brand experiences?


Must Reads

A Blend Of Modern And Retro Design In Branding Is Influencing Events

Warm colors. Sleek, stained woods. Serif fonts. These are but a few of the features that comprise the retro and mid-century-modern-inspired design trends that have swept the branding world and are now popping up in events.


How to Use Documentary Filmmaking Techniques to Craft Memorable Content

Let’s talk about producing content that your audience not only wants to consume but will seek, content that’s deeply and personally relatable, content that people interact with and share with their networks.


L.l. Bean Gives Office Life The Boot With Outdoor Workspace Activations

For its new Be An Outsider campaign, L.L. Bean partnered with collaborative workspace company Industrious on outdoor work environment activations.


29 Ways to Get What You Want From Others

As marketers, we are used to trying to influence people to make a purchase, but what about when you want to influence someone to do you a favor or agree with your opinion?


Fringe Ideas

Digital Ads Are Starting To Feel Psychic

Targeted advertising has become so uncanny, it feels like we’re being surveilled. Two artists want to hear these stories.


Etouches Rebrands for Fresh Start in Crowded Event Tech Ecosystem

In the crowded but growing event technology space, standing out can be a challenge. Etouches has rebranded itself as Aventri to move towards a new positioning in the event technology market.


Leap Motion Concept Videos Imagine a World Where Augmented Reality & VR Merge

A new series of videos from Leap Motion paints a picture of a near future world in which AR and VR will seamlessly merge together, forcing us to change the way we see both.


How Wearable Technology Is Transforming Event Management

When used by guests and event staff at hotels, resorts, cruise lines and other venues, wearable technology promises to add real-time awareness and intelligence to event management and communications.


Just Because

Kate Mara Goes Inside Dawn's 3-D Conservation Exhibit in NYC - An Experience Crafted by Cramer


In case you missed it...

Achieve More With an Analog Approach to Brand Activations

The latest trend in experiential marketing and brand activations is a simple return to the age of authenticity. A time before digital ruled the way we experienced the world.


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