Issue 87

Featured Story

Craft A Better Keynote Presentation Using Micro-Moments

Applying the mobile customer journey concept of micro-moments to keynote presentations to write and deliver more effective messages.


Must Reads

Event Badges: 100 Ideas for 2018

Event badges are the most powerful weapon to connect attendees. Here are 100 conference name badge ideas to connect your attendees better at your event.


How to Create Video Content for Content Marketing

As digital video continues to capture a significant portion of consumer attention, marketers are increasing their investment in video content marketing to boost their bottom line.


How Google's Annual Conference Continues to Innovate—and Expand

This year's edition of the Google I/O developer conference saw more information-sharing techniques, a ninth stage, and an increase in fun photo ops and activities.


How to Focus on What’s Important, Not Just What’s Urgent

Do you get to the end of the day and feel that you’ve met your most pressing deadlines but haven’t accomplished anything that’s fundamentally important? You’re hardly alone.


Fringe Ideas

Oath Brings VR Ads to Programmatic Marketplace

Oath's new ad experiences add a major layer of sophistication to the extended reality space, allowing consumers to learn about a product or brand in a more immersive and content-rich fashion.


Would You Buy Your Next Event Tickets on Instagram?

Engagement with social media for planners and marketers is moving beyond hashtags and sponsored posts into a competitive marketplace for digital ticket distribution.


2 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence At Your Conference Today

In a recent survey of over 800 conference and corporate event creators, an overwhelming majority of event professionals (88%) said they’ll rely on AI this year.


Seven Strategies Behind Uber Elevate’s Vision to Make Flying Cars a Reality

The Uber Elevate Summit was borne of one simple, zany question, according to Uber head of product, aviation Nikhil Goel: “Why can’t we fly around the city?”


Just Because

The E.U. Votes to Make Memes Essentially Illegal


In case you missed it...

Events Within Events Are Disrupting The B-to-B Conference Paradigm.

In a competitive b-to-b event landscape, organizers need to differentiate their events and add additional value for all levels of attendees. Events within events are delivering on those objectives, lifting some of the burden off organizers and, ultimately, boosting the bottom line.


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