Issue 84

Featured Story

3 Examples of Experiential Technology Promoting Environmental Consciousness

Experiential marketing meets environmentalism in the latest immersive media and experiences to take on shaping our culturescape.


Must Reads

Menu-Inspired Photo Ops Keep Influencers Sharing at McDonald's VIP Coachella Event

Attendees battling the sweltering desert heat flocked to the soft serve sundae bar before stepping into a shareable, multisensory Ice Cream Room experience.


How The “Disney World Effect” Is Influencing Internal Meetings

That “Disney effect” is a thriving approach for consumer events and for large-scale b-to-b events—these events are bringing together campus layouts and other consumer-centric touchpoints.


Here's How Marriott Used Experiential Techniques to Liven Up a Sales Conference

Marriott International created Instagram-worthy brand showcases to engage more than 1,400 sales and marketing employees at a conference.


How Global Meeting Companies Are Creating Experiential Activities

Major media companies are creating experiential activities that not only bring in revenue but also foster deeper relationships with their audiences.


Fringe Ideas

3 Trends That Show How The Very Notion of TV Entertainment is Changing

Here are three trends playing out on YouTube that illustrate how people’s definition and expectations of video entertainment are changing.


Microsoft's Meeting Room of the Future Is Wild

Microsoft just demonstrated a meeting room of the future at the company’s Build developer conference.


Amazon and Fidelity Labs Collaborated on a Virtual Reality Financial Agent

Amazon and Fidelity Labs believe that in the future, people may talk to financial advisors in virtual reality to learn about how their stock portfolios are doing.


Google Lens Actually Shows How AI Can Make Life Easier

Lens is effectively Google’s engine for seeing, understanding, and augmenting the real world, and it lives in the camera viewfinder of Google-powered software like Assistant.


Just Because

How Deadpool 2’s Elaborate Campaign Transformed the Anti-Hero Into the Anti-Marketer


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Experiential Marketing Trends — Volume Two

Faster than ever, technologies are materializing, design is transforming, and strategies are unlocking a world of potential for our clients and for our industry. It's harder than ever to keep up with what’s emerging. Our latest collection has 18 trends packed up and ready for download.


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