Issue 83

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The Buzzword Breakdown for Meetings & Events Professionals

Activations, AI, Blockchain, VR, & Other Need-To-Know Events Industry Jargon


Must Reads

How Brands Are Using Influencers At Events

Whether a brand is leveraging someone to reach a wide audience or engaging with a targeted group in a specific niche, the use of macro and micro influencers has proved to be beneficial when it comes to connecting with consumers on a personal level.


How To Manage Your Inbox as An Event Professional

On episode 111 of #eventicons, learn how to process everything coming at you, manage your inbox as an event planner, train your mind to be more efficient, and achieve the elusive "inbox zero."


The New Role of the CMO? The Chief Experience Officer

Where once the CMO had a clearly defined sphere of influence, the modern CMO is increasingly responsible for shaping the end-to-end customer experience.


How to Accelerate the Adoption of Digital Health Technology

When the end user identifies the problem, participates in building in the solution, and continues to engage during its refinement, adoption is inevitable.


Fringe Ideas

Face Recognition – The Next Step to Streamline Events

Face recognition (FR) is rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives and now, it's coming to events reducing onsite registration and event check-in/badge pickup time.


Oculus Wants to Make Immersive Virtual Theater A Reality

The idea of VR as immersive theater is the latest twist on one of technology's buzziest trends, attracting giant investments by heavyweights like Google and Facebook.


Generation Z Is Already Bored by the Internet

Today’s teens are still bored, often incredibly so. They’re just more likely to experience a new type of boredom: phone bored.


8 Big Announcements from Google I/O 2018

Google kicked off its annual I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California. Here are some of the biggest announcements from the Day 1 keynote.


Just Because

JetBlue Is Delivering 1,050 New York Pizzas to Los Angeles Next Week

It's a Marketing Stunt, and It's Pretty Darn Smart


In case you missed it...

How Social Consciousness in Marketing is Influencing Internal Events

Beyond just showcasing how they are “doing good” externally, brands are focusing on “doing good” for their employees internally.


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