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10 Takeaways from the 10th Annual Women’s Leadership Forum

The Ad Club Women’s Leadership Forum is a celebration of inspiring, accomplished Boston women. This year’s event marked a decade of recognizing these exceptional people. So, with appropriate symmetry, here are ten take-aways from the 10th Annual Women's Leadership Forum… in no particular order.


Must Reads

Time To Talk: What Has to Change for Women At Work

Women are more confident and ambitious than ever, but employers still need to work harder to address issues of gender equality in the workplace and empower female advancement.


16 Event Design Ideas From South by Southwest

South by Southwest is abundant with activations, parties, film premieres, and other events, which means marketers and event producers have to be more creative to captivate festival attendees.


Could Your Attendees Benefit From a Digital Detox?

By telling attendees to put their smartphones, tablets, and laptops away, you may be able to create a conference that fosters deeper connections onsite and then drives innovation when they return to the office.


Why the Shrinking Keynote is Becoming a Conference Trend

Even the length of the keynote is shorter in many cases. Yes, folks, welcome to the keynote in the era of the TED talk... the incredible shrinking keynote.


Fringe Ideas

Reinventing Fan Engagement with Event Tech

From mobile applications to name badges that allow you to trade contacts with a simple click, technology at live events comes in various forms.


Learner Experience Design: The Core of Active Deep Learning

The experience economy evolution started with user experience science and further evolved into creating positive customer experiences. Now, a new shift is taking shape in the move to create a complete and effective learner experiences.


Lights, Camera, Artificial Action: Start-Up Is Taking A.I. to the Movies

After selling their robotics company to Google, two engineers are working on technology they think can change how special effects are made.


Biometrics: Changing the Face of Meetings (or at Least Measuring It)

If you can get into your phone using facial recognition technology, why not enter your conference that way?


Just Because

Honda R vs. R - A Race Between Real And Virtual

What happens when you pit Indy race car driver Graham Rahal against professional video gamer Peter Jeakins? Honda wanted to find out using one of its highest performing vehicles, the Honda Civic Type R and Microsoft’s mixed reality technology.


In case you missed it...

The Power of Real-Time Marketing

Has the streaming trend already peaked, with overloaded consumers ready to move on, or will it continue to soar in popularity and offer marketers the opportunity to develop additional revenue streams?


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