Issue 77

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Real-Time VR Went Prime Time At The 2018 Winter Olympics, But Was It Ready?

360-video experiences were available at the Rio Olympics in 2016, but for PyeongChang, they stepped it up a notch broadcasting VR in real-time. Halfway through the Winter Games, is the wow-factor working?


Must Reads

5 Ways Brands Should Be Using Technology to Reach Consumers

Tech and digital media experts shared their insights and predictions on social media influencers, live streaming, and the rise of AR and VR.


10 Programmatic Media Buying Trends for 2018 That You Need to Know About

As marketers, media buyers or media planners, it's important to be confident that we are making the right choices and spending valuable dollars in the right places.


New Convention Centers Are Pivoting Toward Trade Shows Over Consumer Events

Destinations like Miami and Anaheim don’t want their leisure reputations to overshadow their new convention center capabilities.


The Events Industry in 2018 [Infographic]

The events industry is booming — so how can you stay ahead in a saturated market? Find out in this infographic, using new data from more than 1,000 event creators in the United States and Canada.


Fringe Ideas

Is The Internet Of Things Dead, Or Is It Growing Up?

R/GA is betting big on the internet of things’ next phase–and it doesn’t involve smart fridges or speakers.


This Startup Wants to Neutralize Your Phone—and Un-change the World

Yondr restricts smartphone use in places where the people in charge don’t want it. But in allowing this, we may be compromising something about ourselves.


How Businesses Are Using AI and Machine Learning to Leverage Events

Live events organizing has become a ripe area for artificial intelligence innovation.


4 Ways You Can Use AI to Enhance Every Step of the Customer Journey

For artificial intelligence to work effectively, you need to have a strong data foundation.


Just Because

Artists Envisioned The Future Of Work, And The Results Are Pure Fantasy


In case you missed it...

Cramer Takes the Augmented Reality Summit's Big Stage at the MIT Media Lab

Cramer's Head of Creative Technology, Lindsay Nie, speaks to 6 different ways we are using augmented reality in marketing today during her "Augmented Reality in Brand Experiences" talk at AR in Action.


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