Issue 73

Featured Story

The 5 Elements of Extraordinary Experiences

Digging into what makes a moment memorable and an experience extraordinary, with some of XLIVE 2017’s top speakers.


Must Reads

The Best Experiential Marketing Campaigns of 2017

The popularity of experiential marketing continues, with brand events and experiences proving bigger and better than ever. Take a look at the standouts of 2017.


5 Meeting Trends that Will Prioritize People in 2018

IMEX Group predicts the coming year will see meetings focus more on participant needs.


Four Key Community Industry Trends Leading into 2018

The loneliness epidemic and tech backlash, membership driven business, the shakeup of the community technology ecosystem, and the maturation of the community professional.


The Coffee Renaissance Brews in Events With Caffeinated Engagements

Coffee has long been an offering in trade show booths to draw in and keep visitors, but some exhibitors are taking it a step further.


Fringe Ideas

Predictions for 2018 Meeting and Event Technology

With industry brights including Corbin Ball and Michelle Bruno, QuickMobile presents predictions for meeting and event technology that will shape 2018.


How High-Tech Art Installations Invite Attendees to Tap Into Their Creative Side

The world of art, like everything else, has gone high-tech. Here are 5 brands leveraging digital art experiences to engage fans.


Gesture Analytics Are Giving Marketers An Eye And Earful

Eye-gaze technology and voice analytics are poised to provide an unbridled look into what attendees are focusing on and, perhaps, what they’re saying about your brand or product later on.


BBC Is Using Facial Coding Technology to Monitor the Effectiveness of Branded Content

Facial coding has the benefit of providing insight into how people really feel, rather than how they say they feel.


Just Because

Super Stealthy AR Startup Magic Leap, Reveals Its First Product


In case you missed it...

What Makes An Event Legendary? Turns Out, These 4 Things

Learn how to create the perfect blend of brand, location, experience, and audience to make your event the stuff of legends.


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