Issue 72

Featured Story

The Art of Crafting Original Music for Meaningful Moments

Explore how sound influences feeling and dig into our interview with CP Pro Audio's Chris Plante on composing custom music for brand experiences.


Must Reads

Industry Experts Predict 2018 Meeting Trends

Successful Meetings' Top 25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry predict what will be on planners' minds in 2018.


How to Create Content for Online Communities

Communities are content incubators and content plays an important role in growing and maintaining a healthy online community.


More Brands Opt For Experiential Marketing While Ad Budgets Shrink

Experiential marketing is a hot trend right now with budgets moving away from traditional advertising. Can eventprofs stay ahead of increasing competition?


Creating Defining Moments for Your Customers

Discover how elevation, insight, pride, and connection are crucial components to engineering powerful, defining, moments.


Fringe Ideas

The Next Frontier of Event Marketing is Here

It’s called distributed commerce. And according to Shawna Suckow, CMP, it’s about to change the way you sell tickets and registrations.


Blockchaining Technology Applied to Events

New uses for blockchain technology—beyond currency—are emerging to share and record assets publicly that will benefit event operations and multiple industries should it become widely adopted.


AI Is Facing the Same Labeling Issue as Organic Vegetables

There was a point when the term AI conjured thoughts of Terminator and murderbots that took over the world. Today, there’s a resurgence of the term, but times have changed.


An Interactive Alternative to a Traditional Keynote Session

The organizers of this year’s Festival of Marketing in London hit the nail on the head when they wrapped up the event with a tech-powered expert debate.


Just Because

Recutting The Ms. Doubtfire Trailer With New Music Makes It A Horror Film


In case you missed it...

Cramer Named to the Chief Marketer 200 List

Chief Marketer 200 is the world’s first and only comprehensive editorial list of the best non-advertising agencies and Cramer is proud to be listed as "one of the industry’s sharpest B2B agencies."


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