Issue 70

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How Hexagon Boosted Their Event Audience By Utilizing A New Programmatic Channel

AmpLive is a programmatic solution for live video, basically enabling a live stream to be placed within banner ad space provided by top publications and media outlets in order to reach new target audiences.


Must Reads

10 Jaw-Dropping Event Marketing Stats That Point to the Future of the Industry

What is the state of event marketing? Where is it going? These are the questions we set out to answer in a recent industry report.


5 New Trends Shaping the Experience Economy

Here are five trends event creators need to know about the experience economy.


Digging in With Industry Leaders Who've Created Extraordinary Live Events

Don't miss December's XLIVE event, where industry leaders will share, learn, and explore the latest trends as well as a vision for the future of live entertainment.


Building Communities With Lego: Let the Users Do the Heavy Lifting

From crowdsourcing new products to marketing campaigns, Peter Espersen, head of community co-creation at the Lego Group, talks about how brands can engage fans.


Fringe Ideas

How Event Marketing Can Help Hospitals Attract New Patients

Discover how event marketing can help your healthcare network or hospital raise awareness and engage patient communities in today's market.


Virtual Venues Are Poised to Transform Live-Streaming, Content and Sponsorship

VR “venues” are expected to transform the group VR experience by allowing users to interact with each other within a virtual setting.


Ready or Not .. Here Comes the Era of Millisecond Marketing

When content can be created instantly, targeted and distributed instantly, then tweaked and optimized instantly, marketing becomes a whole new ballgame.


How Do Sci-Fi Authors Imagine the Future of Meetings?

This year's Meetings Industry Forecast features professional science-fiction authors, whose job is to figure out how the world — not to mention the universe — might change.


Just Because

"Now This: Future" Discovers Pawculus Rift 2 Years Later, And It's Just As Fun


In case you missed it...

Boston Voyager Goes On A Journey in A Recent Interview With Cramer's TJ Martin

"Built into the DNA of our company is our ‘give a damn, get it done’ attitude. Our teams hold one another accountable, always." Read the full interview now!


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