Issue 69

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Three Must Use Tools & Tactics for Driving Audience Acquisition Beyond the Brand Channel

Nurturing your built-in audience is important, but it might also be time to fish new waters. Utilize these three proven methods to reach new audiences and capture attention beyond your owned brand media channels.


Must Reads

How Major Brands Are Expanding Live Events to Reach New Audiences

At Advertising Week, leaders from Pandora, Live Nation, the Tribeca Film Festival, and Heineken shared how they're selling FOMO, using technology, and putting the attendee first.


If You're Not Spending 5 Hours Per Week Learning, You're Being Irresponsible

Learning is the single best investment of our time that we can make. Or as Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”


Donut Walls and Selfie Pancakes: Food in Experiential

What attendees at events eat and drink is often just as important as the brand and messaging.


Five Ways to Make Learning Stick

Why your attendees’ brains need extreme engagement to learn, and how you can make that happen at your meetings.


Fringe Ideas

How Augmented Reality (AR) Is Shaping Content Marketing Experiences

Here's how brands like Sephora, Pepsi, and IKEA are using augmented reality (AR) in content marketing, and how their learnings may apply to your company.


The Anti-booth at Trade Shows

At trade shows where traditional booth criteria seems a dime a dozen, exhibitors are going a different route. They’re subtracting from the criteria. In some cases, following no criteria at all.


How Facebook Plans to Get 1 Billion People Into Virtual Reality

Despite lackluster consumer interest, early missteps, and a lot of change in leadership, Facebook still has big plans to get a billion people into virtual reality.


The Tech Takeover of Advertising in One Chart

Traditional media is having a tough time keeping up, as Google, Facebook, and Chinese search giant Baidu lead the tech takeover of advertising.


Just Because

Relive Reality with GoPro's Brand New Fusion Camera


In case you missed it...

Unlocking and Automating Your Untapped Army of Content Promoters

As brands look to amplify the reach of their content, let's unpack an underused approach that turns a brand’s employees into an army of content syndicators.


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