Issue 68

Featured Story

The Role of Brand Experiences in Retention Marketing and Building Sustainable Communities

Brand experiences are now one of the most important pieces of your retention marketing strategy. They hold the key to differentiating yourself from the competition while building, and sustaining, an engaged and passionate community.


Must Reads

Secret Spaces, Group Media Experiences, and Designing Memory

The latest experiential trends, plus, Dr. Carmen Simon explains Designing Memory — the neuroscience behind influencing your customers' memory to drive business — and why events are such a powerful way to impact memory.


Attendee Health Growing Priority at Events, Venues Say

Health and wellness are high priorities for people not only when they're at restaurants or the gym, but also when they're at meetings and events.


How Major Brands Are Expanding Live Events to Reach New Audiences

At Advertising Week, leaders from Pandora, Live Nation, the Tribeca Film Festival, and Heineken shared how they're selling FOMO, using technology, and putting the attendee first. Even the C.E.O.


Loyalty, Retention, Relationships: What's Really in It for Your Customers?

As technological innovations have brought us everything we need at the click of a mouse, they have also hollowed out the practice of building relationships with customers. Here are three ways to make loyalty matter again.


Fringe Ideas

With the Rise of Global Monoculture, Marketers Are Rethinking Demographic Segmentation

With the rise of global mega brands that cater to all generations, and the “global brain” created by the internet, marketers are thinking more about how their campaigns and events appeal to lifestyles more so than stereotypes based on age groups.


The Best Event Apps for Every Type of Event

Event Apps are no longer a nice to have for big events — they’re expected by attendees. Here are the best event apps to go with.


Explore Augmented Reality Features To Perk Up Your Event

Things which were a figment of imagination or a part of sci-fi movies are a reality today. The result of one such technological boom is Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).


Thanks to a New Push by YouTube, 360-Video Is Doing a 180

Recognizing that VR content is cool but often difficult to watch, YouTube this summer announced it is embracing 180-degree video heavily with the hope of making it more accessible and easier for consumers to create, post and view.


Just Because

10 Young Talents Who Are Defining the Next Generation of Marketing

Discover up-and-coming marketing talent in tech, media, and entertainment.


In case you missed it...

Brainwear, Communities, and Healthcare's Experiential Future

An insightful conversation with medical futurist, author of the best-selling book The Patient as CEO, Robin Farmanfarmaian, as well as three big trends that experiential marketers need to be on top of: Mass Audience Engagement, Brainwear, and Experiential Packaging.


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