Issue 67

Featured Story

How Your Meeting’s Music Impacts Your Audience’s Emotion

Music can set the tone for your entire event and is one of the most powerful tools for impacting emotion.


Must Reads

Five Tips for Designing Introvert-Friendly Events

For brands and agencies in the event planning and experiential marketing space, making room for introverts can actually lead to more dynamic and successful events.


The Top 100 Events 2017

BizBash's top 100 picks for the most influential and successful live experiences in the United States and Canada.


How B-To-B Events Are Embracing Work-Life Balance With On-Site Child Care

It’s easier to make the decision to travel for an event or for work when you can take your family along, and that's why b-to-b events are embracing the work-life balance


8 Experiential Marketing Campaigns That Will Give You Serious Event Envy

What is experiential marketing? Discover eight brands that are using it to engage and excite their audiences.


Fringe Ideas

6 New Tech Tools to Use at Your Meetings and Events

Check out the latest apps and software to help planners promote their events, gather data, and improve the attendee experience.


Vimeo Acquires Livestream, Launches Its Own Live Video Product

Vimeo announced that it’s acquiring the live video streaming platform, Livestream, and launching its own live streaming product, Vimeo Live.


Meeting Planners Are Experimenting With New Tactics to Avoid Last-Minute Registrations

Event overload is causing attendees to register later than ever, and early-bird discounts are so yesterday. It’s time for planners to get innovative.


HP Made an Even More Powerful VR Backpack — but It's Not for Gaming

Two months after introducing a backpack PC for virtual reality, HP is introducing another one. But this time, it isn’t meant for gamers.


Just Because

Heat-Activated Magnetic Robot Out of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


In case you missed it...

Experiential Marketing Trends of 2017 – Volume One

30 experiential marketing trends, identified, debated, and unpacked by the teams from Cramer and Event Marketer, to help you start inspired and stay ahead.


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