Issue 65

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The Top 10+ Event Websites That Capture and Convert Attendees

Simply having an event website won't magically make thousands of attendees register for your event. But having an amazing event website will definitely help. These 10+ events nailed the event website.


Must Reads

To Be Creative, Learn These Seven Stages of Creativity

To get the most out of your creative energy, carve out space for creative work. To make that space, you need to make space for the other types of work, too.


Networking and Play. A Powerful Mix for Event Attendees

Playful networking activities are a fun way to get people talking. Whether the aim is to provide a quick icebreaker for your event attendees or develop team building skills there are options here to suit any time frame and event environment.


The Next Evolution of Multi-sensory Events Will Focus on an Unlikely Sensation… Pain

As much as that triple looping roller coaster is exciting, it’s scary. Painful. But it’s the equal parts terrifying and exciting that make it a memorable ride and trip experience, overall. Now take that concept and inject it into an event strategy.


Conference & Event Websites: Best Design Practices To Encourage Attendance

Without a quality website and a streamlined user experience, conferences can suffer a poor online image and fewer ticket sales. So what are the elements of a great event website?


Fringe Ideas

Here’s What You Need to Know About Voice AI, the Next Frontier of Brand Marketing

Two decades ago when Amazon and Google were founded, only a seer could have predicted that those companies would eventually start turning the physical world into a vast, voice-activated interface.


Ultrasonic Beacons Have Breached the Concert Ticketing Space, and Events Are Next in Line

By now you’re familiar with proximity beacons, but another kind of beacon that has been around for a few years is beginning to infiltrate the event space. Audio beacons


Google Joins the Augmented Reality Party with ARCore

Along with the developer toolkit, Google's launching an experimental browser to let anyone make AR-capable websites.


Meeting Planners Are Struggling With the Fast Evolution of Event Technology

Innovation in event technology today relates as much to how planners use the platforms that already exist, as compared to new advancements in the technology itself.


Just Because

In the Chaos of Harvey, Brave People Rescue Houston's Pets


In case you missed it...

9 Incredible Pop-Ups and Why We Crave Ephemeral Experiences

The fading and the fleeting. The urgent and surprising. Why are pop-up experiences so delightful and engaging for the new generation of consumers?


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