Issue 64

Featured Story

Why Experience Designers are the New Event Planners

UI and UX roles are evolving. Now XD, Experience Designers, are on the frontlines of the event planning battlefield.


Must Reads

The 2017 It List by Event Marketer

Cramer earns a top spot as an "agency to watch" in Event Marketer's 15th annual listing of the top 100 event agencies in the industry.


17 Experiential Marketing Stats for 2017

Beyond establishing brand loyalty, engaging consumers, and evoking positive sentiment, experiential marketing is a huge financial win for brands.


7 of the Coolest Experiential Marketing Campaigns We've Ever Seen

We found seven of the coolest experiential marketing campaigns that really break down how it works, and how those lessons can be applied to marketers everywhere.


Vote "Unlocking Engagement: Tech That Fuels Experience" for SXSW 2018

The SXSW 2018 Panel Picker is live! This Cramer-led panel uncovers the key to attendee engagement by gathering 4 of the best minds in the business to discuss the potentials and drawbacks of emerging event technology.


Fringe Ideas

Marketers Have Their Eye on Facial Recognition

Facial recognition technology is popping up in activations as an engaging interactive that gives consumers the personalized experiences they crave.


We’re Stepping into an Area of Conversational Presenting

As the audience expectations shift, speakers incorporate energizing elements and conversational activities into their presentations.


Chatbots Are the Future of Meeting and Event Communication and Networking

Increased acceptance and use of chatbots and AI is changing the way event and meeting professionals connect with attendees.


Five Bits of Events Tech You're Going to Be Seeing a Lot More Of

The hoverboards of Back To The Future are still yet to become a reality but there is still plenty of exciting new technology around to make your event a memorable experience.


Just Because

Eclipse 2017: How It Will Look From Where You Are, Plus 3 Ways to Watch

The Great American Eclipse of 2017 is almost upon us. Are you ready for it?


In case you missed it...

Cramer's Take on Experiential Technologies and Why the Industry is Taking Note

An elite roster of global brands are inviting Cramer over to talk tech in the world of brand experiences. Here's why.


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