Issue 62

Featured Story

Why Wearable Tech Is the Key to Audience Engagement

Engagement is the key to crafting a memorable experience. And the bottom line is that wearables = engagement. Here’s why.


Must Reads

How to Grow an Event Community and Scale Success

Your event has an opportunity to extend its reach online and engage attendees year-round. Find out how Kat Gordon and the 3% Conference used this to their advantage.


Secret Spaces Offer Incentive, Intrigue and an Experience Worth Sharing

Marketers have rediscovered the art of intrigue by incorporating secret spaces into their event footprints that serve both an experiential purpose and a strategic one.


Podcasts Are the Latest Strategic Play for Event Marketers

It’s a content generator, it’s a live broadcast-style spectacle and it can also offer a VIP draw on-site at events.


How to Build a Video Content Strategy for Your Event

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture and reuse the valuable content presented at your events.


Fringe Ideas

FOMO Means More Attendees

Americans are attending events and are feeling community-minded when they do, and Millennials are in the forefront. But will they look up from their phones long enough to engage?


For Gen Z, “Enhanced Communication” Won’t Cut It

As the fastest-growing generation, Generation Z, loosely defined as those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s, has become a hot topic in conversations surrounding workplace design.


Each Guest Gets a Storyline at Disney's Immersive Star Wars Hotel

All of the employees will be in costume and in character, each guest will get a storyline touching every single minute of your day, and windows will only show space. Wow.


How Will iPhone 8 3D Face Scanning Change Events?

Apple is bringing 3D face scanning and dedicated AI processing to the iPhone 8. Here we look at how that could affect the event industry.


Just Because

Quiz: Is Your Event Future-Proof?


In case you missed it...

Automating Your Untapped Army of Content Promoters

Looking to amplify the reach of your content? Let's unpack an underused approach that turns a brand’s employees into an army of content syndicators.


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