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Ready for the Road? Catch Up with Catalyst

Catch up on the latest episodes of Cramer and Event Marketer's collaborative podcast, Catalyst, to unpack trends, dig into hot strategies, and have unexpected conversations with today's top experiential marketers.


Must Reads

How Event Marketers Are Recreating the Joys of Childhood Play

We know play is important for kids and their development. But research is pointing to the importance of play among adults to lower stress levels and boost creativity.


What We Learned at Facebook’s Communities Summit Will Renew Your Excitement to Build Community

Mark Zuckerberg just changed Facebook's Mission Statement to focus on communities. What does that mean for the community industry?


Utilizing the Power of Storytelling at Your Next Event

If you’re not using storytelling at your event, you’re missing an opportunity for connection and much more.


Event Marketers Are Putting Sound Front and Center as a Strategy

Have you spent time thinking about what your event or brand sounds like? Event mixtapes and brand playlists are the real deal.


Fringe Ideas

Brainwear, Communities, and Healthcare's Experiential Future

Dig into what experiential marketers need to know about brand communities and tune in for an insightful conversation with medical futurist, author of the best-selling book The Patient as CEO, and keynote speaker Robin Farmanfarmaian.


ThermoReal Lets You Feel Heat, Cold, and Pain in Virtual Reality

ThermoReal wants to take you one step closer into full on virtual reality immersion by making you feel new sensations like heat, cold, and pain


See How YouTube Created Five Distinct Events at One Convention

The online-video service dominated the conversation at this year's VidCon, creating five different events and activations inspired by its new original programming.


Making Sense of Big Data

Capturing and analyzing the vast volume of data that can be collected from meetings can yield insights into how to improve the experience and make meetings more effective.


Just Because

The Story Behind Lego’s Brilliant Print Ads From the Cannes Festival

Lego makes some of the most delightful advertising around, and this series of print ads from Ogilvy Bangkok are just about perfect, from concept to execution.


In case you missed it...

Healthcare Brand Communications Utilize New Technologies to Empower Patient’s As Influencers

Medical futurist, healthcare thought leader, and author of The Patient as CEO, Robin Farmanfarmaian talks implications of AR, VR, and live video on patient communications.


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