Issue 60

Featured Story

How Video Storytelling Can Enhance Your Events And Extend Your Social Reach

Here's how video can be an integral part of your event engagement strategy as well.


Must Reads

AI-Powered Networking

Our latest weekly trend looks into cognitive solutions that are taking the guesswork out of attendee networking.


The Creative Shift

How Place + Technology + People Can Help Solve 21st Century Problems


Meet Alpha: The Next 'Next Generation'

To get there first and define the next next generation is like staking a claim in a gold rush.


8 Steps to Help You Design “Wow” Moments

If your events have become “wash, rinse, repeat,” you may need to walk these steps in your attendees’ shoes.


Fringe Ideas

New Virtual Reality Telescope by the Seine Shows off Medieval Paris

A new virtual reality telescope aims to transport its users back to the year 1628 to show them what life would have been like at the same spot during the Middle Ages.


Two Simple Concepts for Thinking About the Future

Every business decision is an effort to create a better future: a future in which your operations are faster, more precise, and more profitable.


Sony’s New toio Wants to Inspire a Future Generation of Robotics Engineers

Build, play, inspire.


In China, a Store of the Future—No Checkout, No Staff

Wheelys tests a 24-hour store run entirely by technology.


Just Because

How Marriott Turned a Restaurant Into Three Different Hotels

The recently expanded hotel company created a unique introduction to a trio of its luxury brands.


In case you missed it...

Cramer's Founder, Tom Martin, to Be Inducted Into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame

This prestigious Hall of Fame commemorates Tom's achievements and contributions to broadcasting, and preserves his work for future generations.


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