Issue 59

Featured Story

Is Facebook Spaces the Beginning of an Event Industry Revolution?

Last month Facebook launched its immersive VR experience "Spaces" which is a major sign of things to come in the world of brand experiences.


Must Reads

Exhibitors Are Building Up to Maximize Space and Boost Engagement

If you're feeling like the last few trade shows you’ve attended have felt taller, it’s not just you.


Guest Column: A First-Time Attendee's Take on C2 Montréal

Cramer’s Joe Lovett went searching for new ideas and inspiration at the renowned event that has redefined business conferences.


7 Internet Trends From Mary Meeker’s 2017 Report That Marketers Should Know About

Closely watched analysis out today says smartphone shipping is slowing


What Apple Can Teach Us About Proving the ROI of Your Office

Cramer's Brent Turner sits down with Robin to discuss the pressure to prove ROI.


Fringe Ideas

Long-Form Video Content + Branded Films: Watch Now on a Screen Near You

It turns out there is a sweet spot between a 30-second viral YouTube video and a full-length feature film that brands are getting in on.


Google Shifts From Festival Vibe to Neighborhood Design for I/O 2017

Attendee feedback about wayfinding drove a new layout and look for the developer conference.


Music: The Unsung Hero of an Event

What you need to consider when planning the soundtrack to your next event.


Your Conference Needs To Focus On Providing 4D Experiences

Our conferences need 4D experiences: deep learning, deep play, deep reflection and deep connections.


Just Because

G Active: Water Made Active


In case you missed it...

From Sega VR to Star Wars: the Past, Present, and Future of 360-Degree Video

Are we ready to make the viewer the director?


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