Issue 58

Featured Story

The NAB 2017 Show Recap and Blurred Lines Between Broadcast and Brand Experiences

Of the flagship industry events that we as an agency make an effort to attend each year, NAB is always one of them.


Must Reads

How Brands Are Making Emotional Connections Through Immersive VR

As the novelty over virtual reality begins to wane, event marketers are thinking more strategically about how they leverage the immersive technology.


12 Ideas to Help Attendees Manage Information Overload at Events

Don’t allow too much of a good thing to ruin your event. Protect your attendees from information overload, which can cause mental paralysis and lack of focus.


How Smart Event Organizers Are Using Big Data to Create Better Events

Today’s meeting planners need more data than just how many people are coming to put on a relevant event for attendees and make money for conference producers.


Customer Centricity Trumps Innovation

Innovation might be the buzzword on everyone’s lips but customer and design centricity is what will win the day with customers according to Gartner.


Fringe Ideas

Heat Maps Will Transform How Event Marketers Interact and React to Real-Time Data

Thanks to newer offerings and dashboards, marketers are able to bring their dreams of real-time event management to life.


The 10 Biggest Announcements from Google I/O 2017

CEO Sundar Pichai lays out the company’s future roadmap for Android, Google Assistant, Google Home, virtual reality, and much more.


Microsoft Steps Up Move Into Virtual-Reality Market

Microsoft is expanding its effort to break into the burgeoning market of virtual reality, launching a set of motion controllers for the medium and announcing the coming commercial availability of the first immersive headset designed for Windows.


MIT Made A Wearbale That Knows How A Conversation Is Going

Like a GPS for social interaction, this wearable designed by MIT CSAIL researchers can tell whether the person you’re talking to is happy or sad.


Just Because

Dairy Queen is Bringing Back Two of its Famous ’90s Treats


In case you missed it...

Measuring Social Media At Events: What You Need To Know

How do you know your event social media strategy is working? Or effective? You follow this framework for measuring your event's social impact.


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