Issue 57

Featured Story

The Four Big Themes at Event Marketer's 2017 Experiential Marketing Summit

Experiential marketing is going backward and forward at the same time. How so? Dig into our takeaways from EMS17.


Must Reads

Why Big Companies Are Investing in Internal Events [Podcast]

Damon Guidry of Adobe and Edward Perotti of VMware discuss the importance of creating a strong company culture through internal events.


7 Examples of Awesome User-Generated Content Campaigns

Take a cue from some of the brands rocking user-generated content, from Loews to Mint. They’ve figured out how to get loyal followers to provide UGC most brands can only dream of.


Sustainability Extends Beyond "Going Green" and into Wellness and Logistics

A new bar has been set for event marketers: sustainability. See different types of sustainability worth exploring for your next event.


The Themes That Echoed Through TED2017

Over the past five days, the TED2017 conference has explored the theme, “The Future You.” Below, a tour through some of the key threads that emerged.


Fringe Ideas

DOCOMO Develops World's First Spherical Drone Display

DOCOMO unveils a spherical drone that displays LED images on an omnidirectional spherical screen while in flight.


Why Marketing Must Now Extend Beyond Just Marketing

For today’s marketing leaders, business as usual is no longer an option. The marketing landscape has changed forever and a new business dynamic is in play.


Why are Chatbots and AI Big Event Tech Trends for 2017?

Here’s 5 reasons why along with seven practical ways an AI chatbot can be used to innovate your event before, during and after!


Brands Are Delivering Experiences to Doorsteps

Luxury packing has lost its luster. Major brands are engaging with consumers through experiential packaging.


Just Because

The Leaked Fyre Festival Pitch Deck Is Beyond Parody

But it’s also the latest chapter in the battle between consumers and advertisers in the digital age.


In case you missed it...

From Innovation Labs to Attendee Engagement, Here’s What Cramer Presented at the 2017 Experiential Marketing Summit

Did you miss Cramer account director, Danielle Gorman's EMS presentation? We've got you covered.


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