Issue 56

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The Event Marketer's Framework for Measuring Social Media Impact at Events

How do you know your event social media strategy is working? Follow this measurement framework for discovering and quantifying engagement and reach.


Must Reads

Catalyst Podcast Ep.2: Trends, Activating SXSW, and Account-based Marketing for #EventProfs

Learn about Material Innovations, Live Augmented Reality, and Biometrical Art, look back at the less obvious themes, technologies, and activations of SXSW 2017, and hear from ITSMA CEO and President, Dave Munn.


A Free Guide to Managing & Growing Your Community

Looking to launch a brand new community or want to take your existing community to the next level? This playbook features the deep expertise of community managers and experts spanning business-to-consumer, business-to-business and enthusiast audiences.


How We Created an Introvert-Friendly Event

These are the most important decisions we've made over the last 5 years to create an event that's fun and meaningful for introverts. (A Case Study of WDS)


Mass Audiences Are Becoming Participants in Events

With new technology and techniques, large audiences can participate with the experience on stage, and through interactions with each other.


Fringe Ideas

Why Engage With Your Eyes, When You Can Engage With Your Brain?

Introducing Brainwear. Now marketers know exactly what's happening inside the consumer's mind.


Fundamentals of Mapping Experiences

Companies are facing the need to deliver experiences with multi-layered solutions. Follow these principles for mapping experiences that build on your brand.


Using Technology to Make Events Immersive

Cramer shows off their newly designed offices while showcasing the technology that is being used to rock the event scene and discussing what's possible in the realm of shaping human experiences.


Facebook Makes 5 Changes To Video Metrics

Facebook is making five changes to video metrics in Page Insights, adding a couple new metrics and changing the way others are measured.


Just Because

The Ooho! Edible Water Bubble Gets Set to Replace Plastic Bottles


In case you missed it...

Cramer to Present at the 2017 Experiential Marketing Summit (May 3-5)

Along with the former director for PwC and AT&T's innovation labs, Cramer's own Danielle Gorman will be presenting to close Day One of the largest conference on experiential marketing.


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