Issue 55

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Seven Tips for Using Social Media During Your Internal Meetings

For event planners and marketers looking to use social media for their internal events, here are seven key areas of consideration. These are them.


Must Reads

Here’s What Makes for a Successful Hackathon at Your Event

Hackathons have gone viral, spreading from the high-tech space into meetings and conferences of all types. So what makes for a successful hack day?


Modern Offices Become Incubators for High-Tech Collaboration and Organization

Forget worktables, open concepts and sign-out sheets. Today, office spaces have never been more collaborative or more efficient thanks, in part, to a host of high-tech integrations.


If Your Talk Doesn’t Do These Three Things, Don’t Give It

No matter the size of the audience or the occasion, every memorable talk is a hat trick that nails these three elements.


The 2017 B-to-B Dream Team

Each one of the 2017 B-to-B Dream Team members embodies the strategic thinking, tactical skills, technical know-how and creative spark necessary to succeed.


Fringe Ideas

The Rise of Unconventional Event Venues

In an industry that aims to create memorable events, one critical component is often overlooked: the venue. Here are few of our unconventional favorites.


This Is What Medical Meetings Will Look Like in the Future

Is the education model being created at the University of Texas at Austin’s brand-new Dell Medical School a blueprint for your meeting’s future?


An Immersive, Multi-Sensory Experience, at Milan Design Week 2017

COS x studio swine will create an immersive, multi-sensory experience, named 'new spring', that reflects the optimism and renewal of seasonality.


Project On Anything

Lightform turns any projector into a 3D scanning, augmented reality device. Easily create magical experiences with projection mapping.


Just Because

Ever Wonder How the Easter Bunny Was Born? This Gorgeous Ad Tells a Sweet Origin Story


In case you missed it...

Live Social Video: An Inevitable Marketing Channel

Live social video is transforming the way brands engage with their audiences, and it’s here to stay. Learn how to incorporate live social video into your marketing strategies.


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