Issue 54

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Live Social Video Is Transforming the Way Brands Engage with Their Audience

In our most recent whitepaper, we’ll give you the tools, technique and examples you need to incorporate live social video into your marketing strategies, regardless of your industry.


Must Reads

Catalyst, the Podcast, Episode 1

Our hosts — Kate Romano and Brent Turner — along with popular author and global content manager for social media and events at Sage, Beatrice Whelan, take listeners on a journey through trends, measurement, and social media for events


Visual Content Marketing 2017: Trends that Will Attract + Resonate with Your Audience

It’s only a few months into 2017, but brands are already making their presences known – in a big way.


SXSW 2017: 32 Ways Brands Engaged Festival Attendees

A look at the most creative stunts and activations from brands such as Twitter, Mashable, Comedy Central, and more.


Think Selfies Have Had Their Moment? Think Again

From refrigerator selfies to bottle selfies to selfie arms and selfie drones, this once-thought-of social media fad is transforming into a social media marketing mainstay.


Fringe Ideas

Art With A Heartbeat Humanizes Creative Event Experiences

Physical and digital worlds are coming together in immersive and creative ways, taking audience engagement to a new level.


Neuromarketing - And How Event Planners Can Use It For Events

Ever wish you had a magic ability to convince people to buy tickets to your event? With neuromarketing, you can begin moving that needle. Here’s how.


This Psychologist Is Figuring Out How Your Brain Makes Emotions

Emotions are not your reactions to your world. They are how you make sense of what’s going on inside your body in relation to the world.


Why Design Thinking Is the Future

The better you get to know your attendees, the more value you can bring to your association. Therein lies the value of adopting design thinking.


Just Because

April Fools’ Day 2017: A Roundup of All the Best Brand Hoaxes This Year


In case you missed it...

The Most Refreshing, Innovative, and Engaging Experiences from HIMSS 2017

Looking back at the HIMSS 2017 healthcare IT conference, these were this year's hottest experience design trends.


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