Issue 53

Featured Story

Nine Incredible Pop-Ups and Why We Crave Ephemeral Experiences

The new generation of consumers are in love with ephemeral. Urgent and surprising pop-up experiences are the hottest things in brand marketing right now. Here's why.


Must Reads

Cramer Is Launching a Podcast That Brings You Inside the Latest in Experiential Marketing

Join the teams from Cramer and Event Marketer as we pursue an alchemy of stories and personalities that will inspire tomorrow's great achievements in our fast moving industry.


Build a Community Measurement Strategy You Can Be Proud Of

Does your community have a defined business value yet? It's time to get started. CMX built a model for categorization of the type of communities that businesses are utilizing.


Material Innovations Are Transforming Taste and Touch in Brand Experiences

Material innovations like edible signage, conductive ink and flexible batteries are allowing consumers to experience your brand in ways that leaves a lasting impression.


11 Ways to Make an Impact at your Event Entrance

Give your event the wow factor as soon as attendees walk in the door with these ideas, tips and tricks to making a great first impression.


Fringe Ideas

How Meetings and Events Can Leverage Personalization

Learn how meetings and events can use personalization to shape more meaningful experiences for attendees.


Technology Imitates Art: The Rise of the Conversational Interface

A conversational interface placed within an article about conversational interfaces. Could we get more meta? Try it out today.


Why Patagonia Is Using 360-Video To Defend Bears Ears National Monument

Vice-president of marketing Cory Bayers talks about using brand creativity to spread the word about what's at stake for public lands.


Live Augmented Reality Enhances Booths and Stages

Everything we love about augmented reality—the data visualizations, the intrigue, the interaction, will soon transform general sessions and booth spaces into group experiences sans devices.


Just Because

LEGO Tape Turns Virtually Any Surface into a Toy Brick Building Base


In case you missed it...

What Is the Difference Between AR and VR?

Augmented reality and virtual reality. Related, but different. The two frequently come up in the same conversations and are often confused with one another by the less informed. But the difference is major, and worth explaining.


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