Issue 52

Featured Story

5 Things Brands Can Learn From Broadcast Media About Going Live

Social media live-streaming is certainly the latest buzzworthy brand medium, but broadcast media has been ironing out the kinks of going LIVE for a long time. Here are five lessons brands can take away from broadcast media.


Must Reads

Festivalization is Transforming How We Build Events

Meetings that were once ballroom-based have moved into hip venues, have incorporated the outdoors, and have a choose-your-own-adventure kind of schedule.


Difference Between Activation Marketing & Experiential Marketing

Closely related to experiential marketing, brand activations use experiential marketing for slightly different purposes than marketing strategies that are made only with experiential schemes.


Transforming Passive Participants into Loyal Ambassadors

How you engage your audience will play a pivotal role in the increase or decrease of event loyalty. Are you doing it right?


The 2017 Community Value and Metrics Report

Research from over 500 community builders that shows you how businesses are currently tracking business value and measurement of their brand communities.


Fringe Ideas

AI Will Make Life Meaningless, Elon Musk Warns

Tech billionaire Elon Musk believes artificial intelligence could be catastrophic for humanity who are set to become a cyborg race .


Personal Robots Evolve from Novelty to Strategy

The impact of robotics and artificial intelligence is transforming how planners process and interpret data.


5 Innovative Tech Tools for Meetings and Events

Check out some of the newest apps, software, and interactive technology for events and experiential marketing.


Here’s What Happens When You Add Scent to Virtual Reality

Researchers want to understand how our interactions with food might change if we can smell it in VR.


Just Because

Oscars Review: Event Producers Give 2017 Show a "B+"

Event producers from across the country, including Cramer's Amanda Rockwell, discussed what they liked and disliked about the 89th annual Academy Awards.


In case you missed it...

4 of the Most Awesome Brand Activations

How do you get people talking about what you do in a way that translates into positive, long-lasting action? Brand activations. Here are four we love.


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