Issue 51

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How to Use a 'Message Map' to Create a Consistent Event Theme

Message Maps provide a blueprint for creating more cohesive event communications and in turn, more effective event themes. Here's how to use them effectively.


Must Reads

The Three Facets of Event Sponsorship: Customer Engagement, New Business and Brand Awareness

When considering sponsorship, an events team should take a step back and choose one of these facets as the overarching goal for a particular event and then base measurement on its success in achieving that goal.


With Responsive Marketing, Brands Make Waves in Moments

The viral nature of culture and movements today means that brands won’t always have the time to plan a campaign. They have to respond quickly, they have to take risks and they have to loosen the reigns a bit.


A Guide to Deciding Which Conferences Are Worth Your Time

Conferences, if you choose them wisely, can be one of the best ways to accelerate this process, since you can meet large numbers of people in just a few days.


How This Event Inspired the Next Set of Influencers

Create & Cultivate’s first style summit was the latest addition to the popular conference series geared toward women.


Fringe Ideas

The World's First Theatrical Play Directed by Light

For Valentine's Day, Philips decided to show off its Hue home lighting system in a romantic way -- it put on a condensed performance of "Romeo and Juliet" and let the audience control the action via the lighting app.


AI That Knows You're Sick Before You Do: IBM's Five-Year Plan to Remake Healthcare

A mix of artificial intelligence and custom silicon could help people diagnose themselves with a range of conditions before they show symptoms.


Design Trends Guide for 2017

Design in 2017 will continue the trends that materialized in 2016 while adding some new influences, but the feeling is well known and familiar and you may have seen it in the past couple of years.


5 Innovative Tech Tools for Meetings and Events

Here's a look at five new and updated technology products for conferences, trade shows, fund-raisers, and other types of events.


Just Because

Introducing Culture Codes

A collection of culture decks, core values, mission statements, and more from real companies. In total, these companies employ over 280,000 people around the world.


In case you missed it...

Event Marketer and Cramer Collaborate on a New Weekly Trend Series

Every Monday morning, we now ‘wake-up’ over 100,000 event marketers with one emerging experiential marketing trend thought-starter. Join the list and never miss a trend!


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