Issue 50

Featured Story

When to Consider Launching an Industry-Leading Event

Should you transition from a company-specific event to an industry conference? That depends, and here's why.


Must Reads

How to Invest in People, Culture, and the Workplace

As the workplace continues to change, organizations are consistently challenged to create and invest in spaces that can be flexible enough to meet the ever changing needs of their employees.


Mark Zuckerberg Sees Video as a 'Mega Trend' and Is Gunning for YouTube

CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees video as the next "mega trend," which may mean that its going after YouTube's dominant space.


12 Events that Understand the Use of Technology

Are you struggling with technology at events or are you just looking for new ways to use it? These events can help show you new ways to connect through tech.


Splash CEO Ben Hindman: Event Marketing is the Only Effective Marketing

What makes you loyal to the brands you love? The brands that you keep coming back to, even when it's not convenient. It’s the experiences I associate with a brand that make me a loyal consumer.


Fringe Ideas

Megatrend 2017: Festivalization of Meetings and Events

Conference organizers are developing more multidisciplinary programming that pulls from both the business and creative industries, creating a new convergence of experiences that help brands plug into business events in more ways.


Why the Internet of Things Is the Future of Healthcare

Technology is getting a heck of a lot smarter these days. Wristbands keep track of our fitness levels. Pill bottles remind us to take our medication. Beds automatically measure our sleep.


Is The Event Industry Ready For Voice Recognition?

We are currently witnessing the dawn of a new era in interface design. Here, we take a look at voice recognition and how it might change the event industry.


VR & The Great Unbundling

Why Virtual Reality threatens the last bastion of TV.


Just Because

NFL Brings Back Its Super Bowl Babies, This Time Dressed Up as Football Legends


In case you missed it...

Applying "The Complete Guide to Social Media for Events" to Internal Meetings and Events

In this addendum to the go-to-book Trending: The Complete Guide to Social Media for Events, we explore the changes in social media for internal-facing meetings and events.


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