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Four Ways to Engage User Conference Attendees in Unique and Unexpected Ways

Today’s typical user conferences are hardly typical at all. What was once a simple sit-down business event has become something that looks more like a buzzing arts festival. Here are four tips for shaking up your user conference strategy to give it a more competitive edge.


Must Reads

Six Steal-Worthy Ideas from CES 2017

It’s that time of year… the experiential marketing industry’s annual pulse check. CES. Here's the features we think point to fresh trends in the live event space for 2017.


3 Trends That Will Disrupt the Meetings and Events Industry in 2017

The primary shift in the meetings and events industry in 2017 is going to revolve around delivering business events that engage attendees in more multidisciplinary ways.


Cramer to Run Emerging Trends Session During Tall Ships America Annual Conference

The Tall Ships Regatta is returning to Boston. Here is how we are helping the organizers conceive new experiences for their attendees.


5 Things to Expect from the Event Industry in 2017

After analysing over 50 expert predictions, here are 5 'mega trends' that will have a significant impact on the event industry in 2017.


Fringe Ideas

AI Will Be Man and Machine, Not Man vs. Machine [VIDEO]

Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM, said that she believes that believes artificial intelligence will help to create jobs and that clients will have a "symbiotic relationship" with AI.


Healthcare Marketers Focus on Emotion and Interactivity to Reach Millennials

The World Heart Federation and Philips offered an online quiz to help consumers understand how their lifestyle affects their heart and what they can do to improve their health.


7 Emerging Conferences Every Advertising Professional Should Know About

There will never be a substitute for tent-pole events like CES, Mobile World Congress, Cannes and SXSW. But a new class of events has emerged to capture our attention.


What Marketing Pros Need to Know About Live Video in 2017

According to the nearly 70 digital marketers, live video is poised to explode on social platforms in 2017. Here's what CMOs and marketing pros should know about this new customer-engagement format.


Just Because

Crazy Mountain Biking + Portal = Awesome


In case you missed it...

Four Things Established Events Can Learn From Startup Events

Established events have built their audience, but that's not to say it's a safe audience. This is why we all need to approach our events with a startup mindset.


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