Issue 40

Featured Story

The Event Marketer's Guide to Next Generation User Conferences

How can event marketers stay ahead of the pack? And what's next when it comes to user conference strategy and engagement? Cramer and Event Marketer team up to find out in this white paper exclusive.


Must Reads

To Foster Online Trust, Build a Community

A French ride-sharing company discovered six key elements needed to nurture user confidence, and its business.


Video Content on Social Media is About to Boom

It's no secret that video content is on the rise. By 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 85% of search traffic in the US.


The Story of #Eventprofs

Ever wondered how "eventprofs" came about? In an interview with Lara McCulloch, we get the full story about how the #eventprofs community started and developed.


Why Facebook Live is Outpacing its Live-Stream Rivals

Facebook Live is the new kid in town, and if you’ve seen that mom with the Chewbacca mask, you know just how powerful the new platform has become.


Fringe Ideas

Inside TED's Unconventional App Strategy

No social media, no sponsors, no extra content—find out why TED believes this is how a conference app should be designed.


IBM's Watson Supercomputer Creates a Movie Trailer

What happens when an artificial intelligence system is tasked with making a trailer to a horror movie about an artificially enhanced human hybrid? We now have the answer.


Filmmaking + AR: How Qualcomm is Pushing the Content Marketing Boundaries

Several years ago, few people knew what Qualcomm was. To change that, the company turned to content marketing to build brand awareness.


Augmented Vs. Immersive - Exploring The Differences Between AR and VR

AR and VR frequently come up in the same conversations and are often confused with one another. The difference is major, and worth explaining.


Just Because

White House Announces 'South By South Lawn,' SXSW-Inspired Micro Festival


In case you missed it...

21 Ways to Engage, Excite, and Resonate with Today’s Internal Teams

Event Marketer and Cramer collaborate to explain how leadership meetings can make an even bigger impact.


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