Issue 39

Featured Story

How To Build "Content Moments" Into Your Events

The key to creating an emotional connection with your potential clientele is through experience-based marketing. No longer is this kind of marketing a tactic used by offbeat companies and advertising teams; interactive event experiences are becoming the mainstream way in which the attention — and loyalty — of consumers are captured.


Must Reads

5 Ways to Inspire, Motivate, and Activate Attendees

How to transform your events from being expensive information-transmitters to meaningful motivational activators.


What Stranger Things and Event Planning Have in Common

Event planners may be surprised to learn that planning an event has more in common with the Netflix hit TV show Stranger Things than you might think.


Cramer Names Debi Kleiman to its Board of Advisors

Debi Kleiman, a veteran marketing executive with decades of global business and marketing leadership, will join Cramer to help guide continued growth and transformation.


Steal These Creative Ideas for Conference Activities

Get inspired by these clever activities that can make your conference more fun and meaningful.


Fringe Ideas

Solving a Big WiFi Hurdle for Meetings, Events, and Activations

More than ever, attendees of live experiences have expanded their use of mobile event apps, personal live streams, and social media. After getting hands-on, this our impression of the new 4G Mega Internet Kit.


Events Apps Take Cues from Tinder and to Engage Attendees

How can you meet the people you want to meet efficiently when you're attending a conference with 5,000 other people?


The AI & Machine Learning Glossary for Marketers

Machine learning, deep learning, what does it all mean? Read our easy-to-understand definitions of common artificial intelligence (AI) terms.


Rise of the Strategy Machines

While humans may be ahead of computers in the ability to create strategy today, we shouldn’t be complacent about our dominance.


Just Because

Fans Remember Gene Wilder by Sharing His Most Brilliant Film Moments


In case you missed it...

What Does "Deep Learning" Software Mean For The Future Of Marketing?

We have begun teaching machines how to understand us, and they are getting scarily good at it. Artificial intelligence is evolving and with it, our abilities as marketers to develop smarter campaigns.


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