Issue 38

Featured Story

Building a Holographic Speaker to Display the Tech Behind the Tunes

One problem that every product marketer is constantly trying to solve is: how do I demonstrate my product in the most effective way? For a leading speaker manufacturer, the answer was holograms.


Must Reads

Five Trends that are Transforming Healthcare Marketing

Industry trends and policy changes are influencing a shift in patient and physician behaviors, necessitating an approach to audience engagement from an entirely new perspective.


What Do Millennials Really Want From Brand Events?

The smartest marketers are courting millennials through experiential marketing. From branded activations at music festivals, to seasonal pop-up shops—savvy brands understand the crucial link between events and brand loyalty.


What The 50 Fastest-Growing B2B Companies Can Teach Us About Sales & Marketing

Drift teamed up with Mattermark to see what the 50 fastest-growing B2B companies in the U.S. could teach us about sales & marketing.


Companies Look Beyond Hotels to the Sharing Economy For Cool Meeting Venues

When was the last time you got excited about meeting in a hotel boardroom or breakout space?


Fringe Ideas

IBM Created a ‘Crash Course’ For The White House, And It Will Teach You All The AI Basics

With the current AI revolution, comes a flock of skeptics. Alarmed of what AI could be in the near future, the White House released a Notice of Request For Information (RFI) on it.


Microsoft Research Is Working on a Temporary Tattoo Controller for Your Phone

Microsoft Research, in collaboration with M.I.T., is working on a project called DuoSkin, which is designed to create a custom control device that can be placed on the skin like a temporary tattoo.


Why You Should Consider Using Twitter For B2B Leads

Every day there are new B2B opportunities waiting for you on Twitter, LinkedIn and the other social media channels. Whether you turn these moments of opportunity into high-quality leads is up to you.


8 Reasons Facebook Live May Be the Next Big Thing for Events

Social media isn’t just about exchanging posts anymore. The tools available have become much more diverse. Find out how you can use Facebook Live for more engaging, impactful events.


Just Because

Cramer Gave Explore Inspired a Theta S 360-Degree Camera, They Brought It to the Top of Kilimanjaro

Watch the “360 Degrees of Kilimanjaro” 6-part video series and explore the stunning 360-degree photos from the Explore Inspired team pushing their way to the roof of Africa.


In case you missed it...

The Four Traits of Legendary Events

How does an event like TED become an event like TED?


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