Issue 37

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The Top Three B2B Marketing Challenges of 2016 and How You Can Overcome Them

B2B marketing has changed dramatically in the last 12 months. Now, marketers are turning to brand experiences for a greater return on their investment.


Must Reads

What Does the Future of Augmented Reality Look Like? Cramer's Own Greg Jones Explains.

We may rely less on our phones and computers in the future and instead have a virtual layer of information right before our eyes.


The Ten Most Popular Data Collection Tools for Event Planners

Event planners are using these tools to collect and analyse valuable delegate information to create more powerful and targeted events. But which are the most effective?


The 15 Best New Apps for Event Planners

Clear out those old useless apps and make way for some shiny new ones! Here are the 15 most useful new apps for event planners that you should download now!


4 Models for Rebranding Your Meeting

Pushed to compete with high-profile events like TED and South by Southwest, these associations reinvented their annual meetings.


Fringe Ideas

Loopd Releases World's First Engagement Sensor For Events

New sensor combines AES128 Encryption, Tactile Touch, Bluetooth LE, LED Light Pipe, 6 Week Battery Life, and Modular Attachments


The Designer’s AI Study Guide

As artificial intelligence gains popularity, designers will need to adapt. Here’s how to get started.


At This VR Concert, The Audience Drifts Through Space Together

Can VR be a collective experience? The artists and musicians behind the Hubble Cantata think so.


What Does the Future of Marketing Have in Store?

Technology is changing faster than ever, giving us new tools and an abundance of new ideas on how to best connect with and engage our target audience.


Just Because

Read Old 'Nintendo Power' Issues at the Internet Archive and Instantly Feel Like a Kid Again


In case you missed it...

21 Ways to Engage, Excite, and Resonate with Today’s Internal Teams

Event Marketer and Cramer collaborate to explain how leadership meetings can make an even bigger impact.


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