Issue 34

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The Four Traits of Legendary Events

The are only a few live experiences—the conferences, meetings, and festivals—that transcend from great event into legendary event. And there are four reasons why.


Must Reads

CMOs Are Investing More in Live Events to Engage Distracted Audiences

Live brand experiences are proving their ability to engage audiences effectively in an increasingly noisy world filled with so much digital marketing.


21 Ways to Engage, Excite, and Resonate with Today’s Internal Teams

Event Marketer and Cramer collaborate to explain how leadership meetings can make an even bigger impact.


Multisensory Experiences Help Brands Cut Through the Clutter

Rather than overwhelming consumers with more data, companies are now offering multisensory customer experiences to foster organic emotional connections.


Cramer Forms New Activations Unit

Tim Owens, former executive at Momentum and MKTG, joins Cramer to lead new Activations unit.


Fringe Ideas

Is VR Just a Stepping Stone to Something Bigger?

Hype for VR platforms may conceal fundamental limitations; but AR, just over the horizon, has the potential to revolutionise personal computing entirely.


Why the "Event Technologist" Role is Gaining Momentum

In the advertising world, technologists are co-leading creative teams and offering expertise as developers and “digital storytellers.” In events, technologists’ roles are running deeper.


Cancel the Keynote, Toss the Agenda: Rise of the Unconference

Today’s attendees and hosts are looking for any excuse to get out from behind the podiums and banquet tables and break away from the traditions of conventions.


Facebook Executive: Your News Feed Will Likely Be "All Video" in Five Years

An average of 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook on mobile devices daily, with Live videos getting 10 times as many comments than other videos.


Just Because

This Dad Made His Kid an Action Movie Star


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