Issue 33

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The Past, Present, and Future of 360-Degree Video

​From Sega VR to Star Wars, how far have we come, and are we ready for where we're going? 360-Degree video, then & now.


Must Reads

White Paper: Next Generation Leadership Meetings

New white paper from Cramer and Event Marketer explains why leadership meetings are so important right now, and outlines four key areas that can make the biggest impact on your meetings.


22 Things From Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Presentation That Marketers Need to Know

Venture capitalist Mary Meeker's annual presentation always gets the tech industry's attention as a gauge of where digital trends and marketing are and where they're headed. This week's presentation was no exception.


6 Killer Examples of Content-Driven Experiences

If ever there were a profession suffering from motion sickness, it’s marketing. Upheaval from a sea of constant change is truly the new norm. Now, brands have to pony up on that expectation at every touchpoint with uber relevant experiences.


The Remarkable Advantage of Abundant Thinking

Katia Verresen is one of the most sought-after leadership coaches in tech. Here's how she's seen abundant thinking transform careers and companies.


Fringe Ideas

Finally, The Year of Livestreaming

Live video is finally having its moment. From Facebook Live to Periscope, the technology world is focused on live video because it brings us together around ideas, events, and the people that matter most to us.


Microsoft Device Conjures a New Reality

The device is called HoloLens. It’s from Microsoft Corp. and could someday become the next great universal gadget. You know — the device you can’t do without, like a TV or smartphone.


Why Enterprises Should Adopt Virtual Reality Sooner Rather Than Later

Virtual reality is still the new kid on the tech block, but consumers will not be the only ones to increase demand. According to Forrester’s J. P. Gownder, virtual reality is a vehicle for companies to reach out to people to create a “perfect coincidence of wants."


35 Interface Innovations that Rocked Our World

Interfaces are where humans touch technology. Some of the greatest innovations relied on great interfaces. Here’s a list of our favorites.


Just Because

Why Wouldn't You Trust a Laser-Eyed Realtor?

A lesson on how to stand out in crowded markets.


In case you missed it...

Getting Hands-on With Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens development editions have shipped and Cramer is one of the first agencies to get hands-on with the game-changing new AR tech.


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