Issue 32

Featured Story

Cramer Gets Hands-on With Microsoft HoloLens

HoloLens is finally here. Development kits have shipped and Cramer is one of the first agencies to test out the groundbreaking new AR tech.


Must Reads

How Real-time Projection Mapping is Now Ready to Revolutionize Corporate Events

There is an emerging technology that is going to change the way that speakers, audiences, and stages all engage with one another.


Google Introduces a New Tool for Engaging Audiences

Public speaking just got a little easier. Google introduced a new interactive feature on its Slides platform: the simply named Q&A.


Steal-Worthy Activation Ideas from Fashion Brands at Coachella

Fashion brands have flocked to the desert to capitalize on festival fashion subculture, rolling out festival lines, hosting shop-able runways, activating style bars and generating copious amounts of social media content as a result.


To Extend Your Event or Embrace the Ephemeral Experience

Events are by nature, ephemeral. Experiences that don't last. There's power in that, but there's also value in extending the life of your event by giving it legs in the digital sphere. Which is better?


Fringe Ideas

Whoa. Marketing Technology Budgets Are Now Surpassing Advertising

A recent Gartner report shows larger companies spending more on marketing technology than advertising this year.


The 10 Biggest Announcements From Google I/O 2016

At I/O this year, Google displayed its vision for a more ubiquitous and conversational way of interacting with technology.


Neuromarketing 101: Inside the Science of Decision-Making

The rise of neuromarketing, a field of research that studies consumers’ cognitive and sensory responses to marketing stimuli, is challenging the status quo for event marketing.


85 Percent of Facebook Video Is Watched Without Sound

A majority of video views for publishers and advertisers on Facebook happen with the sound off -- the result of embracing the platform's unique features.


Just Because

Man Replies to Scam Emails, Hilarity Ensues


In case you missed it...

How to Satisfy Attendee "Infolust" At Your Next Event

People love to learn, so if you know how to deliver your message and brand experiences in a way that helps empower your demographic, you'll find that it's easy to be heard - even in the most crowded areas.


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