Issue 29

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Introducing Cramer Motion Studios

As the popularity of online video rises, so does its ability to drive business for brands.


Must Reads

For Better B2B Video Marketing, Check out the Top B2B Companies on YouTube

YouTube and video marketing isn’t only for consumer products of course, B2B marketers are getting in the video game in a big way.


29 Strategic Video Marketing Insights You Can Borrow From BuzzFeed

When it comes to video, no brand seems more dominant than BuzzFeed at the moment. What insights can video marketers gain from BuzzFeed?


5 Video Marketing Predictions To Guide Your Content Strategy

What technologies will become available? How will consumer interests change? And most importantly, how can you start preparing for these developments?


Why Facebook’s Video Updates Matter for Event Pros

Facebook is making a big push into video streaming with significant updates to its Live service.


Fringe Ideas

This Startup Uses AI to Automatically Create Videos out of Articles

Publishers are continuously looking for new ways to expand their reach. One sure bet? Video. GliaCloud’s product, GliaStudio, uses artificial intelligence to automatically create video summaries of text articles.


Lytro's 755 Megapixel Cinema Light Field Camera Is Going to Kill the Green Screen

Lytro is taking its rich, volumetric 3D camera capture technology into the world of TV and film and their beautiful technology may eventually be in every camera we snap a shot or video with.


How to Build a Strategic Narrative

A strategic narrative is a special kind of story. It says who you are as a company. Where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are going. Crafting this, most companies get wrong.


StubHub Will Use Virtual Reality to Let You Preview Your Seat

eBay announced its first small foray into the VR arena, as subsidiary StubHub offers Final Four ticket buyers the option to get an immersive, 3-D view of available seats.


Just Because

15 People Who Did Not Use Their Critical Thinking Skills


In case you missed it...

Your Guide to Every Technology Company You Need to Hold a Successful Event.

Event marketers are busy people. In an effort to save you time and make you look like a rock star, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide – the 2016 Event Technology Landscape.


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