Issue 28

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Cramer Drops "Speak EZ-AR" and Enters The Fringe World of Augmented Reality Applications

Nervous public speakers who have long been advised to “picture the audience in their underwear” can now do so with ease, thanks to a new augmented reality (AR) application unveiled today by experiential marketing agency Cramer.


Must Reads

Meeting Trends Put Planners to the Test in 2016

Executing meetings this year promises to be anything but business as usual. Planners will face a steep learning curve in all directions. Here’s a look at some of the ways meeting planners will be tested in the year ahead.


Branding in the Age of Social Media

In the era of Facebook and YouTube, brand building has become a vexing challenge. This is not how things were supposed to turn out. To solve this puzzle, we need to remember that brands succeed when they break through in culture.


Your Guide to Every Technology Company You Need to Hold a Successful Event.

Event marketers are busy people. We understand. In an effort to save you time and look like a rock star, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide – the 2016 Event Technology Landscape.


The Eventtech 411 On Instagram Printers, Drone Alternatives, and Shareable Graffiti Walls

Dive into the event technology learning lab and take a look at three products that are taking social sharing and aerial devices to new heights.


Fringe Ideas

10 Ways Graphene Is About to Change Your Life

The most famous molecule in the tech industry is coming to life. Here are 10 ways how.


Virtual Reality: It's Showtime

Oculus Rift squares up to the HTC Vive this spring. Tom Standage, deputy editor of The Economist, lowers the headset and peers into the future.


IBM is Bringing Watson to VR

Working with IBM’s Watson platform, Rectangular Studios is creating a virtual reality experience that will allow you to speak in natural language to avatars in the virtual world and have them reply in kind.


Virtual Reality, Brand Immersion, And The Power Of Making Memories president and cofounder Patrick Milling-Smith outlines the challenge and opportunities facing brands in virtual reality.


Just Because

NCAA Final Four Will Be Broadcast in Virtual Reality for the First Time


In case you missed it...

Cramer Announces "Pawculus Rift" - The Only Virtual Reality Experience for Dogs

Our past R&D cycle was focused heavily on discovering the brand experiences made possible through VR technology. One thing kept coming up in our research. There were virtual gaming options for nearly every demographic out there, yet an important market remained untapped. Dogs.


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