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Event Technology 2016: Trends and Takeaways

Event marketers are busy people. We understand. In an effort to save you time and make you look like a rock star, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide – the 2016 Event Technology Landscape.


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Influence Our Next White Paper! Take This 5 Question, 60-Second Survey on User Conferences

What makes a conference stand out? Cramer and Event Marketer are teaming up to dig into what makes user conferences great and we'd love your input! Take the survey now and you'll get the white paper for free when it's done.


Building Customer Experience by Looking at Event Marketing

How do you want your customer to feel? What action do you want them to take? How do you organize and execute a valuable customer experience? Let's look to event marketing for the answers.


Is Meal Sharing the Next Trend in Conference Dining?

The sharing economy is driving disruption across the event industry. One of latest to emerge in this new economy is for meal sharing—online platforms to connect business and leisure travelers with local hosts who are willing to prepare and serve meals in their homes.


Inside Jetblues Reach Across the Aisle In-Flight Viral Stunt

In a stunt that has gone viral, JetBlue leveraged the timely cultural climate of the presidential primaries for an in-flight activation that got passengers to literally Reach Across the Aisle. Learn more about how this stunt come together.


Fringe Ideas

Coachella Helps Festival-Goers Prep for the Desert With VR

VR has become a key marketing tool, especially when it comes to big events. When Coachella attendees receive this year's Welcome Box containing the requisite wristbands and more, a special edition Google Cardboard headset will be in the package, too.


Meerkat Is Ditching the Livestream — And Chasing a Video Social Network Instead

Two weeks ago, Meerkat CEO Ben Rubin sent an email to his company’s 48 investors laying bare an observation that he’d made peace with months earlier: Meerkat, the livestreaming app and darling of last year's SXSW festival, was failing.


5 Things You Need to Know About A.I.: Cognitive, Neural and Deep, Oh My!

There's never any shortage of buzzwords in the IT world, but when it comes to A.I., they can be hard to tell apart. There's artificial intelligence, machine intelligence, and deep learning. What's the difference?


Google Launches New Data Tools for Marketers

Online advertising giant Google unveiled a new suite of marketing analytics and data products on Tuesday. Their offering? The Google Analytics 360 Suite.


Just Because

25 Helpless Dogs That Had Their Bed Stolen by the Cat


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Did You Miss Last Year's Event Tech Landscape?

Download it now, compare with this year's, and see how the event technology world has changed!


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