Issue 25

Featured Story

How Mobile Apps Can Make Your Conference or Event More Successful

Providing a mobile app for your event has previously been thought of as a value add. Now, it's a must have.


Must Reads

4 of the Newest Apps for Meetings and Events

Speaking of event mobile apps, here’s a roundup of some of the newest mobile apps to manage event promotion, networking, and more.


Buffer’s Marketing Manifesto in 500 Words

Every single piece of content is the only one that matters.


5 U.S. Cities on the Rise for Meetings and Events

These hot spots offer an alternative to traditional corporate destinations by providing more availability and better bargains.


What BuzzFeed's Dao Nguyen Knows About Data, Intuition, And The Future Of Media

To understand what makes BuzzFeed tick, you need to know how Dao Nguyen thinks about data.


Fringe Ideas

Eight Strategies for Leveraging Virtual Reality at Events

Event marketers capitalized on VR well before it hit the mainstream. Here, eight VR strategies that got consumers’ eyes on the prize.


Deep Learning Technologies and Their Implications on the Field of Marketing

We have begun teaching machines how to understand us, and they are getting scarily good at it. Artificial intelligence is evolving and with it, our abilities as marketers to develop smarter campaigns.


Micro-Marketing Services Will Accelerate Growth for Agile Marketing Teams

Micro-Marketing Services are beginning to see widespread adoption inside marketing teams thanks to similar technology developments as their neighbors in engineering.


Is Big Data Still a Thing? (The 2016 Big Data Landscape)

In a tech startup industry that loves its shiny new objects, the term “Big Data” is in the unenviable position of sounding increasingly “3 years ago”.


Just Because

Spectacular Painting Timelapse By Thijme Termaat Will Blow Your Mind


In case you missed it...

Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Event, After Your Event

If you’re not repackaging event content in different contexts, through different channels, you’re not making the most of your investment.


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