Issue 24

Featured Story

A Look Back at a Few of 2015's Best Activations, Pop Ups and Marketing Stunts

Pop ups and marketing stunts draw attention better than many other types of marketing campaigns. They rely on the element surprise and that certain wow factor, but when they're done right, they thrive.


Must Reads

Should Your Brand Experiment With Experiential Marketing?

Brands use creative ways to draw consumers to experience their products in real life. This marketing strategy is called experiential marketing. Is it right for you?


Why Brands and Companies Will Continue To Hold Events in a Digital Age

Explore some of the hottest topics related to event marketing, including today's most important event technologies, the role of data in events, how offline events will integrate into a brand's comprehensive marketing strategy and more.


New Ways to Design Business Events

From business conferences to other industry events, planners are getting creative in layout, technology, and even swag bags.


How to Manage Your Anxiety When Presenting

Do you get nervous speaking in public? Learn how to mitigate your fear with this infographic.


Fringe Ideas

How Snail-Mail Invitations Boosted This Show’s Attendance

Find out why event organizers used formal, wedding-style invitations as a new marketing strategy, and how well it actually worked.


B-To-B Millennials: How the PCMA Annual Meeting Connected with a New Generation

Attendee engagement is a must at any B-to-B conference, especially for the Millennial generation, who are showing up in increasing numbers and giving business gatherings a different perspective.


The Eight Essentials of Innovation

Strategic and organizational factors are what separate successful big-company innovators from the rest of the field.


How Microsoft imagines you’ll watch football games with HoloLens

The company’s latest clip shows how HoloLens could transform your sports viewing experience, with a focus on the NFL.


Just Because

Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of All Time


In case you missed it...

How Monster Won Super Bowl XLIX

A look back to last year's genius game-ending tweet plus insight into Monster's game-winning social media strategy.


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