Issue 21

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See what topics are on the agenda for #Elf16 and pitch your own today!

With sessions like, "When Bad Pants Happen to Good People," "Magic or the Internet of Things? Why Santa's Milk Is Never Warm," "Introducing Kringled: A Tinder Style App to Help Santa Swipe Naughty or Nice," you won't want to miss this year's most magical event. Tweet with #Elf16 to pitch your own topic!


Must Reads

Why Your Company Needs Its Own Branded User Conference

User conferences can build customer loyalty, give you a competitive advantage in your industry, and are notorious for high returns on your investment. Learn about why your company should have it's own user conference next year!


Creating Engaging Content for Humans: Five B2B Brands That Nailed It

While ninety-three percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers are creating custom content, nearly half (forty-seven percent) struggle to create engaging content. Here are five B2B brands that get content marketing and that you can learn from right now.


Why It's Better To Give Experiences, Not Things

If you're trying to buy happiness, science has some clear advice: it's better to spend money on an experience rather than the latest iPhone. New research suggests the same is true for gifts.


Six Tips for Making Event Content More Instagrammable

Savvy event marketers know that social media is key to amplifying the reach of their experiential programs, but simply whipping up a Twitter handle is no longer enough to make an impact.


Fringe Ideas

Microsoft HoloLens: What Tech, Business Decision Makers Need to Know

Microsoft is opening a HoloLens experience center in New York City to court developers. Here's a look at what enterprises need to ponder about HoloLens and how it can be used for business.


How A Mouse Can Sniff Out Bad Web Design

Companies can pump millions into a website's design, implementing the splashiest graphics and seemingly intuitive information architecture. But that doesn't guarantee users will like the site.


Messaging Is Just Getting Started

Messaging isn’t about text. It’s about conversations. Here’s why the simplest apps on your phone are quickly becoming the most powerful.


The Rise of Frictionless Video

Frictionless video is irresistible. You didn’t even know you made a conscious choice to watch and engage with it. There’s no searching or playlisting or hitting play or loading or waiting through a preroll.


Just Because

There's a Man Running Around Tokyo Dressed as a Lit-Up Christmas Tree


In case you missed it...

5 Examples of Great Event Websites

An effective event website is eye-catching and entertaining, but also simple to use and effective at communicating the pertinent details of the event. Here are five examples of event websites that get the job done.


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