Issue 19

Featured Story

What Makes a Great Event Website?

You're planning an event. You got the venue, the speakers, and the caterers. Your vendors are on lock. That's all great, but you can't forget to build the perfect website to promote and nurture your event and its audience.


Must Reads

How 360-Degree Video Is Evolving Brand Experiences

The concept of 360-degree video is nothing new, but now it's moved out of the realm of extreme gaming into the realm of the everyday.


6 Tips for Managing Event Growth

Terri Toennies, the executive vice president and general manager of ANSA Productions, shares how to manage—and embrace—event growth, rather than be overwhelmed by it.


How to Manage Crowds at a High Profile Event

What can event marketers learn from Pope Francis' historic stroll through Central Park? How to manage the mob at a large-scale, high profile, event.


What Makes the Most Effective Trade Show Booth?

Industry experts offer their thoughts on product-focused displays versus experiential designs.


Fringe Ideas

Tahj Mowry Dishes on the Latest in Virtual Reality Innovation

The former kid genius breaks down how this eye-popping entertainment innovation has rapidly changed the way we create and digest video content.


New Tool Helps Planners Select Event Dates

Doodle partners with Paperless Post to bring easy scheduling to your event invitations.


How to Apply Lateral Thinking to Your Creative Work

When you unwrap all of the industry's buzzwords and euphemisms, history shows that creative breakthroughs all have one thing in common: they occur when people employ lateral thinking.


Identifying the Micro-Moments Within the Customer Journey

Mobile is changing how brands communicate with customers. Hear from McKinsey's David Edelman about micro-moments and how they fit into the customer journey.


Just Because

Jimmy Kimmel Makes a Surprise Appearance on Shark Tank to Solve a World-Wide Dilemma


In case you missed it...

The Three R's of User Conferences

User conferences are an important touch point for companies and their customers, but how can you make sure your audience is getting the most out of them? Follow the "Three R's."


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