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Brand Activations Work. Here's How.

Getting a new brand or product on its feet can be daunting. How do you get people talking about what you do in a way that translates into positive, long-lasting action? Brand activations. Here's four great brand activation examples.


Must Reads

Five Brands That Use Decoupling to Get Ahead

In the old days, there were certain things that just went together. Salt and pepper, TV and commercials, browsing and buying. Now, however, the Internet is making it easier to separate activities that consumers traditionally experience together.


Three Trends Shaping The Evolution of Green Meetings and Events

Event industry leaders are taking a holistic approach to the "going green" issue, looking at sustainability in terms of the whole life cycle of an event.


The 15 Most Innovative Meetings 2015

The conferences, expos, trade shows, and summits in North America striving to make meetings matter.


"Pawculus Rift" takes Silver at The Ad Club's #Hatch55 Awards

Cramer's April Fools Day's 2015 effort has officially won a Silver Hatch Award from The Ad Club. Check out the announcement and relive the puppy-rific magic that was, #PawculusRift!


Fringe Ideas

How Live Events are Increasing Readership and Revenue for Traditional Publishers

No longer are events an excuse for a party or a way to generate excitement in the press. Events now are part of an integrated communications strategy that links advertisers with readers and readers with editors.


Video Micro-Moments: What Do They Mean for Your Video Strategy?

Now that video consumption has gone from primetime to all-the-time, how can brands capitalize on video micro-moments?


The NBA’s VR "Experiment" Far More Compelling Than The Presidential Debate

It's still early for the technology, but after 18 months of private testing, the NBA was finally ready to unleash VR on its fans. It turns out, watching an NBA game in virtual reality is a lot more compelling than watching a presidential debate.


Everything Hinges on the Narrative of Your Work

Knowing what you do professionally and how you do it is important, but knowing the story you tell yourself about what you do is evermore meaningful.


Just Because

15 Halloween GIFs, Featuring All Your Favorite Creepy Characters


In case you missed it...

Five Essential Ways to Become a Better Presenter

You've heard it before. Surveys say that most people fear public speaking more than death itself. We're here to help.


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