Issue 17

Featured Story

The Three R's of User Conferences

User conferences are an important touch point for companies and their customers, but how can you make sure your audience is getting the most out of them? Cramer president, Rich Sturchio, has a way. "The Three R's."


Must Reads

The Latest Event Trend? Silence

From movie screenings to mass meditations, crowds are growing more and more quiet—in a good way. This is why.


The Secrets of Social Media's Most Successful Sharers

People are brilliant and amazing. Ever run across an incredibly cool social media strategy or format or tool or link and think, “Whoa, how’d they do that?” Here's how.


Work/Life Balance (And Other Myths): Six Tips From Event Marketer's Women In Events Roundtable

The work of an event marketer is challenging enough, let alone trying to achieve that elusive goal of work/life balance. What is that anyway? And is it even possible?


Are Eventbrite's RFID Wristbands The Death of the Concert Ticket?

With its new RFID bracelets, Eventbrite aims to ease the most painful parts of attending events. Using wearable sensors instead of paper tickets presents a few obvious advantages for people who organize and manage events.


Fringe Ideas

CITE: The $1 Billion City That Nobody Calls Home

In the arid plains of the southern New Mexico desert, between the site of the first atomic bomb test and the U.S.-Mexico border, a new city is rising from the sand. But no one will ever call it home.


Why Twitter’s Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)

It seems like no one is listening and everyone left in a hurry. What happened to Twitter? It’s a mystery, right? Wrong. To understand what really happened, let’s examine what didn’t.


Zuckerberg Confirms Facebook Is Working On Augmented Reality

“Yeah!” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said excitedly in response to a big question for his company: is Facebook working on augmented reality? “It’s a bit further out,” he followed up during a talk about virtual reality at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco.


This Camera Is Actually 16 Cameras in One

It's not often that you see something truly different when it comes to camera design these days. How do make a camera that's different from all the others, both inside and out? You start by cramming 16 cameras into one body.


Just Because

Ride Bob Burnquist's Mega Skate Ramp From the Safety of Virtual Reality

What better way to market a pair of signature skateboarding shoes than to actually put people, even if virtually, in that pro skateboarder's shoes? That's just what Oakley did to launch Bob Burnquist's new shoe on October 8.


In case you missed it...

The Important Audience Your Content Marketing Is Ignoring

Every company says that employees are their lifeblood. Their most important resource. Yet, companies often overlook the power of content marketing for their employee recruitment programs.


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