Issue 14

Featured Story

How Second Screen Technology Can Push Your Presentation to the Next Level

We're on our tablets while watching TV and our iPhones while sitting at our computers. A culture of distracted multi-taskers can make for a bad audience. That is unless, you take advantage of those second screens.


Must Reads

Why Event Marketers Should Pay Attention to Innovations in Theatre

How do you cut through the noise and prove that your story is worth your audience’s time and money? Theatre practitioners have a lot to learn from event marketers, and vice versa.​


3 Crucial Principles Of Storytelling You Can Learn From Kevin Spacey + House Of Cards

It is no secret that storytelling has become the pinnacle practice of 2015. So what can content marketers learn from some of the best stories going right now? Look to Francis Underwood for guidance.


The Three Tools Netflix Used to Build Its World-Class Brand

Building the Netflix brand meant not only finding ways to promote and position the “brand promise,” but also introducing — and owning — language that was fundamental to an incredibly new business. VP of Product Management, Gibson Biddle, offers three simple and powerful tools to define an enduring brand.


Why Some Videos Go Viral

Why do some videos catch fire and others just sputter out? Unruly, a marketing technology company, offers an answer. Its analysis of some 430 billion video views and 100,000 consumer data points reveals the two most powerful drivers of viral success.


Fringe Ideas

10 Things Brands Need to Know About Creating Virtual Reality Experiences

Although it is tempting to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach, VR is happening now, so getting hands on experience is important. These are the top considerations for creating a VR experience.


How to Prove the Value of your UX Work

How do UX professionals measure and determine the success of their work? How can they begin to determine what aspects of UX design are measurable and how do they go about doing so?


How to Fix a Bad User Interface

Have you ever experienced a user interface that feels lifeless? Have you created a UI that just seems to be missing...something? If that's the case, you've probably experienced a case of Awkward UI.


Econometrics Explained

The IPA has published ‘Econometrics Explained’, a beginners guide to understanding econometrics and measuring the payback from marketing communications.


Just Because

Giant Version of Lego Will Bring Your Childhood Creations to Adult Life

For those who've spent countless hours building tiny worlds out of teeny Lego bricks, EverBlocks are the toys of the future.


In case you missed it...

Virtual Reality Untethered - The Samsung Gear VR Experience

To my right are the wooded wilds of Montana. The wind is blowing quietly through the trees, in the distance is a stunning vista of sprawling mountain foothills, and I’m at a picnic table. In front of me, some guy is feeding beer to a grizzly bear. Where am I again?


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