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Foreshadowing: A Sign of Things to Come from Google

On Monday, August 17th, Google—er, Alphabet—launched an initiative called Project Sunroof that aims to help consumers understand if solar power is right for them and what savings they can expect. To do this, Project Sunroof puts Google's expansive data in mapping and computing resources to use. For marketers, the sky is the limit on this new data application.


Must Reads

Virtual Reality Untethered - The Samsung Gear VR Experience

​To my right are the wooded wilds of Montana. The wind is blowing quietly through the trees, in the distance is a stunning vista of sprawling mountain foothills, and I’m at a picnic table. In front of me, some guy is feeding beer to a grizzly bear. Where am I?


8 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Event Marketing

The B2B marketing conference season is officially upon us. As any good field marketer can tell you, this is more than an excuse to take a trip and throw a party. Here are eight tips to help maximize your show presence and improve event ROI.


Burning Man's Rabid Brand of Loyalty Is Changing the Events Business

Every year without fail, certain dusty, LED-lit corners of the Internet are whipped into a frenzy over a shared conundrum: the shortage of Burning Man tickets.


Color Wars: The Cramer Summer Outing

On land, lake, and bouncy castle, Cramer employees get competitive for the best employee outing yet.


Fringe Ideas

Customers Can Don a Samsung VR Set and Take a Trip to Peru

Toms specializes in one-to-one marketing. Buy a product from Toms and it donates to people in need. The top request from customers has always been to “go on a giving trip," says Toms founder Blake Mycoskie. “Now, with VR, we can take them to Peru."


Hacking In Medical Devices: White And Black Hats, Part 1

Outside of the hospital environment, open-source software in medical devices has empowered people — particularly parents of children with diabetes — to find new and innovative ways to use their medical devices and to improve their quality of care.


The Death of the Wireframe Document

How can a 100+ page static document really communicate the experience of using an interactive experience? How can 2D diagrams relate the sense of emotion, intuitiveness and experience of interacting with a service or product?


How To Reinvent The Mouse Cursor For The VR Age

"The Oculus Rift won't kill off the cursor, says Tomás Dorta of Hyve3D. Instead, it'll make your smartphone a mouse."


Just Because

What Does Bill Murray Smell Like? This Scratch-N-Sniff Will Let You Find Out

A new book allows you to bask in the redolent bouquet of a Hollywood treasure.


In case you missed it...

The Top 5 TED Talks to Jumpstart Your Creativity

You gotta love TED. Their Talks are inspiring, diverse, available 24/7, and free to all. TED talks are a great resource for anybody in the business of ideas, which is pretty much everyone.


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